Porto do Ponta Delgada

Institution:   UAc
Localization:   Azores
Coordinate:   37.735667 / -25.671367
Type: Oceanographic Station
Communication system:  GPRS
Communication rate:  1 hr.
Status: Active
Datasheet device 707

Device Picture

Installed meteocenographic sensors

    Turbidity Sensor

    • Manufacturer: Turner Designs
    • Model: Cyclops 7 "T"

    HC Crude Oil Sensor

    • Manufacturer: Turner Designs
    • Model: Cyclops 7 "O"
    • Info: Optical sensor that provides the concentration (in ppb) of crude oil in sea water. According to NOAA, crude oil is a naturally occurring, unrefined, flammable mineral liquid consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons and other organic compounds which accumulates in reservoirs beneath the Earth's surface and is used as a source of energy (i.e. petroleum in its natural state prior to refining processes).


    • Manufacturer: Sea-Bird Electronics
    • Model: SBE37-SI

    Oxygen Sensor

    • Manufacturer: AADI
    • Model: Optode 4835
    • Info: O2 concentration optical measurement principle sensor.
Device Deployment date Recovery date
Oceanographic Station (703) Sept. 22, 2015 2018-06-13
Oceanographic Station (707) June 13, 2018 -