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Baia do Canical

Institution:   APRAM
Localization:   Madeira
Coordinate:   32.72662 / -16.71651
Type: Buoy ODAS
Device identification:  6
Communication system:  GPRS
Communication rate:  1 hr.
Status: Inactive

Device Picture

Installed meteocenographic sensors

  Conductivity Sensor

Manufacturer:  Sea-Bird Electronics
Model: SBE04
Info: Conductivity sensor.

  Wind Sensor

Manufacturer:  Young
Model: 05103VGEO

  Chlorophyll Sensor

Manufacturer:  Turner Designs
Model: Cyclops 7 "C"

  Turbidity Sensor

Manufacturer:  Turner Designs
Model: Cyclops 7 "T"

  Temperature and Humidity Probe

Manufacturer:  Vaisala
Model: HMP155
Info: Temperature and humidity sensor

  Barometric Pressure Sensor

Manufacturer:  Vaisala
Model: PTB110
Info: Barometer for environmental pressure monitoring

  Temperature Sensor

Manufacturer:  Sea-Bird Electronics
Model: SBE03
Info: Temperature sensor.

  Oxygen Sensor

Manufacturer:  AADI
Model: Optode 3835
Info: O2 concentration optical measurement principle sensor.

  Solar Radiation Sensor

Manufacturer:  Apogee Instruments
Model: SQ-110

  Current Meter

Manufacturer:  HS Engineers
Model: ISM-2001

Device Deployment date Recovery date
Buoy ODAS (6) April 20, 2012 Sept. 23, 2012
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